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6 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Person With Migraine

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It's just a headache, it'll pass
"It's JUST a headache,
it'll pass."

Don't minimize their experience. Migraine is unbelievably painful and nothing is more frustrating than someone telling you your pain isn't real.

Didn't you just have one of those?
"Didn't you just have one of those?"

For people affected by it, migraine may be unpredictable. So even if someone just had a migraine attack recently, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.

Did you take your medication?
"Did you take your medication?"

When you see someone in distress, it feels like a perfectly normal question, but it can be a bit of an insult. Most people with migraine keep their medication in a convenient place.

I feel like I'm not doing anything
"I feel like I'm not doing anything"

Sometimes the most helpful thing you can do is absolutely nothing. When someone is dealing with a migraine, they often prefer to be left alone.

You look fine
"You look fine"

Someone may look okay on the outside; but on the inside, their skull feels like it might crack in half. External appearance has no correlation with internal pain.

It's all in your head
"It's all in your head"

If you've never had migraine, it's hard to imagine the sort of pain that it can cause. It's natural to think a person is exaggerating. But the fact is that migraine is a neurological disease, and not a phantom pain or imaginary affliction.