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6 Tips for Successful Travel With Migraine

Monica M

Migraine and its unwelcomed heavy baggage may try to come along during travel, but I can’t let it hold me back from saying “yes” to the trip. While it’s impossible to always predict when an attack may strike, my 6 migraine-specific travel tips may help you or someone you love:

Vacations aren't an ideal time to let my sleep fall way off track. The same goes for accidentally stretching out mealtimes. Living with migraine makes planning for things like adequate sleep, regular meals, adjustments for climate changes, and proper hydration a must.
Vacations can be full of temptations like tropical drinks and fun desserts. Although I like to let myself indulge, it's important for me to moderate specific beverages and foods that are in my known trigger pool. Luckily, relaxing at the spa is among my safe options.
Life with migraine makes taking a break essential to my well-being, and that doesn't stop on vacation. As much as I want to do it all, utilizing a kid's club to take a break or declining an after-hours event on a work trip can give me a better chance of being migraine-free during my time away.

While migraine can derail the most well-thought-out plans, we always choose to bring the positive element of surprise along for the trip. Surprising the kids with a trip to the arcade or a random movie night helps to curb any natural disappointment from missing out on something else special.

As much as I'd love to be the "fun-roller-coaster-mom" or the "go-out-after-the-conference" friend, I know my limits and I know that I need to make wise decisions while traveling. Sometimes I have to remind myself that living with migraine requires me to make choices that are different from others, but better for me.

When a recent flight turned wrong, I had to allow myself to accept kindness from strangers while ill in mid-air. Before heading home, I checked in with an online support group for advice, and the members' tips gave me the mental boost to face my return trip with confidence and support.

About the Author

Monica M. is a migraine advocate, freelance writer and blogger, and a wife and mother of 2 from New York City. Monica was an original participant in the Speak Your Migraine video series. She's had migraine since 2008.

Monica M. is a real migraine patient. She has been compensated for her time.