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Speaking of migraine…

Migraine is a complicated disease that can be difficult for others to understand. We can help you find the words to explain its day-to-day impact to your healthcare provider. There's 4 things to consider: Total # of Migraine Attacks/Episodes, Migraine-Affected Days, Your Migraine Medication, Your Migraine Life. If you can speak about these 4 things, everyone may hear you more clearly.


Total # of Attacks/Episodes (average)

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Total # of Migraine-Affected Days

Migraine attack or migraine episode is the second phase of migraine. During this phase, you may experience a number of symptoms, including sudden onset of one-sided head pain.

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With these 4 answers, your healthcare provider can calculate your number of Migraine-Affected Days in a typical month. Try this tool to calculate Migraine-Affected Days yourself:

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Your Migraine Medication

Think about the medication you take at the onset of migraine symptoms. They may include over-the-counter medications, ergotamines, triptans, and opioids.

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Your Migraine Life

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Your Migraine Spoken

Now, you can have a more productive conversation with your healthcare provider. It’s time.

Help another person speak. If you found this guide interesting and useful, share it with someone else you know with migraine.

This guide is educational only and is not intended to diagnose health problems or provide medical advice or medical care. Please talk to your healthcare provider if you have questions about your medical care or treatment.

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